22. Mai 2012

Mostly about thigh sites

I don't want to use a bullet list, but I want to talk about different things today. Here we go!

First of all, thanks to Karen for the wonderful DBlogWeek! I had a lot of fun and remembered why writing is fun in the first place. Also I read a lot of blogs I wouldn't have come across otherwise. You'll probably see some of seem in my blogroll soon (that is, when I update it, which will be after reading a lot more posts from last week).

Secondly, I was thinking about changing my insulin pump site to my thigh today. I've never done it before, but I know a lot of PWDs have made good experiences with them. And I feel I run out of space on my belly, hipps and lower back. I change my set about every three days and I use about *gets up, undresses half, tries to count the last little red spots and favorite places for cannulas around her body middle, redresses and continues to write* 16 or so different places, rotating counter-clockwise, so every spot is used only about every 48 days. But I can see a little red dot left behind for two weeks after I removed the cannula. And that has me wondering how much damage it does to my tissue. Long story short: I'd like to conquer new areas in my body for sites. And I wanted to try my thighs today. But I was hesitant - there are so many blood vessels in my legs, that I can see shine through my skin. I also like to place a set where I can take a skin fold between my fingers - heritage of old school MDI days - and for me that's difficult with my thighs, for some reason (which is not me being skinny). It feels more secure to me. I did shots in my thighs too, but that's a long time ago and they always had the tendency of bleeding more often then belly or buttock shots.
In the end I choose to use my belly again, because there'll be a performance of my jazz dance group tomorrow and I don't want the set to show through the leggings of the costume and I wanted to be on the save side with moving and all that jazz. But I still want to give thigh sites a try. If any of you could dispel my doubts or has words of encouragement to offer, they are greatly appreciated. I'd love to be able to bring myself to try thigh sites.

Third, my outfit today. If that isn't advocating for diabetes, I don't know what is. ;-)
Yeah, that's right. You see a belly site there. 
And yes, I made the pic standing in front
 of a mirror which is not entirely clean.

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