15. Mai 2012

DBlogWeek - One Great Thing

Today the DBlogWeek topic is one great thing we are good at concerning diabetes.
I think I do well with most of the diabetes stuff, really - except I freak out to often -, but in all aspects of my diabetes management slip-off's happen from time to time. So there is probably nothing I will do right all the time.
The one thing I do great about diabetes is thinking of everything. When I want to bolus for a meal, I think about
  •  carb count, 
  • bloodsugar, 
  • most probable blood sugar trend at the moment, 
  • insulin on board, 
  • basal rate glitches during the last few days, 
  • possible and/or planned exercise/action of any kind coming, 
  • most recent/next to come set change, 
  • fat-protein-units, 
  • possible sickness and/or menstruation,
  • ...
Okay, maybe not all of them all the time. But a lot of them often enough. And then I try to weight them. How large will the impact of this and that be? Will those two effects just take the mean, or will they take hit at different times?
Of course, all this considerations do not necessarily lead to the desired result. But sometimes they do, and this is what I call success.


  1. I do most of those things as well but don't use a pump yet. Good post!

  2. I wish I was as good these days. I am definitely incorporating way too much SWAG in my bolusing. So, I guess your post is giving me something to think about, thanks :)