22. Januar 2012


Parties always wreck havoc on my bloodsugars. I try to guestimate carbs, but I usually loose track or underestimate the amount of carbs and then end up around 300. Always. I don't really get why, because I try every single time to make it better than last time, but it doesn't work out. So in this respect, parties are no fun for me.

Yesterday I came back from a birthday party at around 2 a.m. and tested before I got to bed. 133. And half a unit of IOB to bring me right back to my target of 100.

I'm speechless. This is huge! I'm still dancing through the flat singing "133! 133!" :D

17. Januar 2012


My way to vent today. I have been really angry with my diabetes and then there's not even somebody responsible to whom you can complain. Arrgh. So I wrote this letter to... whom it may concern. German version below, because English officialese really isn't my strong suit.

Dear Sir or Madam,

hereby I would like to enter a protest. A protest against the fact that on Thursday, 17th of January, 2012, I have not been allowed to eat pudding.

I would first like to say that I eat pudding as joyous as any other person. While other people not even waste a thought on what they are just cramning into their mouths though, let alone thinking of its ingredients and their subsequent metabolic processes, my case is somewhat more complicated.

Now to the events of the aformentioned day: Due to a completely to me inexplicable and unknown event in the course of this day, my blood glucose levels showed a nonstandard high reading of 308 mg/dl at 6 p.m.. Despite my intervention by means of an insulin injection, my blood glucose levels only decreased to 259 mg/dl during the next two hours and therefore still far from the normal range. With regard to my health and to prevent a metabolic crisis in the sequel of the evening I was forced to act against my wishes and hunger and to prescind from the consumption of sweet and comforting foods despite peer effect and imminent social dissociation.

This decision moved me deeply and painfully. Particulary the unattainability of a responsible body to whom I can enter a protest is not beneficial to my emotional stability.

Sincerely yours.
  Vera, type I diabetic


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

hiermit möchte ich offiziellen Protest einlegen. Protest dagegen, dass es mir am Dienstag, den 17.01.2012, 20:00 Uhr, nicht gestattet war, Pudding zu essen.

Lassen Sie mich vorausschicken, dass ich Pudding genauso gerne esse, wie jede andere Person. Während andere Menschen jedoch noch nicht einmal einen Gedanken daran verschwenden, was sie gerade in ihren Mund stopfen, geschweige denn an die Inhaltsstoffe und darauffolgenden Stoffwechselprozesse, die in ihrem Körper ausgelöst werden, liegt der Fall bei mir komplizierter.

Nun zu den Ereignissen des benannten Tages: Aufgrund eines mir völlig unerklärlichen und unbekannten Ereignisses im Verlauf des Tages, wies mein Blutzucker um 18:00 Uhr eine nicht normgerechte Höhe von 308 mg/dl auf. Trotz meines Eingreifens mittels einer Insuliinjektion, war der Blutzzucker zwei Stunden später lediglich auf 259 mg/dl gesunken und damit immer noch weit ab von der Norm. Mit Rücksicht auf meine Gesundheit und zur Vermeidung von Stoffwechselentgleisungen im weiteren Verlauf des Abends, war ich deswegen gezwungen, von dem Konsum süßer und wohliger Nachspeisen gegen meinen Willen und Hunger und trotz Gruppeneinfluss und drohender sozialer Abgrenzung, Abstand zu nehmen.

Diese Entscheidung hat mich schmerzlich berührt. Insbesondere ist die schwere Erreichbarkeit eines verantwortlichen Gremiums zum Erheben von Protest meiner emotionalen Ausgeglichenheit nicht zuträglich.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  Vera, Typ I Diabetikerin

2. Januar 2012


I'm so stupid. Stupid as in eating a hole lot of cookies without even realizing it, than testing a blatant 455 afterwards and having to inject a scary amount of insulin. Scary because, as we all know, large amounts of insulin usually can be really dangerous. Guess I can only sit it out now. It's my own stupid fault. Knowing that still doesn't stop the situation from giving me the creeps, unfortunately.