22. Juni 2012


Sometimes it's just so friggin frustrating.

"Anybody wants juice?"

Yeah, sure. But I can't just say yes, like you do. It means I have to leave the room to get my test kit and do a blood check. Than make a decision whether I want to bolus for this and take the risk of trouble with my sugars or just leave it. And if I decide to take the risk, I take a risk drinking friggin' juice!

"No, thanks."

I reconsiderd than, because I won't have diabetes stop me from doing anything. I checked, bolussed and drank the juice. But it really gets to me, that it isn't just the enjoyment it seems to be for everyone else around me.

"You know I can count the litres of OJ I drank within the last 15 years probably with the fingers of one hand?" - "Oh. I coundn't."

And that happend right after I had to eat something - despite having no desire of even eating chocolate - just to be able to bike up a hill.

Worst thing is, they don't get it. So frustrating. I know you do though, so thanks for listening(reading).

P.S.: Oh, and for dinner was risotto (~106g carbs/serving) and ice cream (~76g carbs/serving). Need I say more?

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