25. Oktober 2011

Plan of Action needed

My A1c has been in the high sevens for quite a while now and while I am overall satisfied with my "compliance" and control, I'm eager to get to the next level of blood glucose control. Especially with my eye doctor appointment coming up in January, I want to be able to say "I really am doing everything that's possible". Because in case of a discouraging result I don't want to have to start working on my control when I am scared and frustrated already.

I think that a large part of my A1c has to be accounted to post-prandial spikes as those high's are the ones I don't catch. Unfortunately, before I can get started on tuning the distance of the space-time events "bolusing" and "eating" to give my insulin a head start, I have to guarantee that my basals are ok and that my bolus factors and correction factors are ok. (I think they are, but I need to check.)
My next blood work is scheduled for mid November. I guess I can figure out the prerequisites until than although I hate basal testing.

So the plan of action is as follows:
  1. Check your basals. Check your factors. Tweak if necessary. Complete task until November 16 (date of blood test).
  2. Vary time delay between bolusing and eating until post-prandials are in range. Complete task until January 26.
But this planning is of course the easy part. Everything's easy in theory. The hard part is: Start logging again. Be disciplined. Don't guestimate. Eat regularly. Try again, every day. Start now.

Hopefully this decleration of my goals will help to keep me accountable. I'd like to have smaller steps in my plan, like things to do or to improve for every week or so, but I'm not sure how to do that.

By the way, does any of you have experiences with fat-protein units? Is it worth the effort?

19. Oktober 2011

17. Oktober 2011

Venting and Ranting

I hate being sick. And I even more hate to be sick, when I'm don't know that I am. When I feel completely fine* and just my friggin bs gives a hint on the fact that something might not be okay. There's nothing I can do about it, other than treating the second bs over 300 mg/dl today and now also ketones. I'd like to eat something at some point!

I just feel so at the mercy and pretty vulnerable because I do not - cannot - understand what's happening inside me.
Also it's only few weeks since this happend the last time and I'm really fed up with this. At least this time I'm not frightend, I'm just angry.

* By fine I mean fine despite the dry mouth, evolving hunger due to meal skipping and named emotions.

10. Oktober 2011


Often when I'm high, I know why (because I again couldn't keep track of all the tiny snacks I was eating at the party or because I couldn't hold my horses when drinking juicy cocktails with friends or because of overtreating lows) or I find it out later (when they don't budge for days and hours I'm probably sick, etc). Today, I didn't have a clue. But - and this is something noteworthy - I did not freak out over it. Nope. Even though I was scary high, I tested 406 and retested 509 mg /dl (yes, 20% accuracy is not enough). Just corrected for it via pen, changed my set (which had to be changed anyway but seemed to be fine) and then, admittedly impatient and unable to really concentrate on anything (else), waited for the sugars to come down. I did not rage bolus, in fact, I corrected for the 400 only and then again for the remaining 191 three hours later. Carefully. And now I'm at 61.

Glucocoasters. I haz them.