18. Mai 2012

DBlogWeek - What They Should Know

Woah. I think this topic has been written about a lot and at length by the DOC already. No reason not to do it again! There are still a lot of people who don't know even the basics of diabetes. But seeing how little the average person knew about diabetes 15 years ago, they know a lot today. Most people you ask will know a friend/family member/acquaintance/acquaintance of a family member/... with either Type 1 or Type 2. But there are still a lot of misconceptions, of course. I try to educate every time it seems appropriate. I try to educate my friends, coworkers and children (I work as a teacher at the moment, so "my" children). But even those who already know a good deal about treatment of diabetes are often missing a few important things:
  • Living with diabetes is not easy. But it's also not terrible. Short answer is: It depends. Some days everything goes smooth, it's just routine, I don't even realize all the diabetes stuff I'm doing along the way. But some days, diabetes is a bitch. It needs all of my attention, has me bustle all over, and doesn't give me a break at all. It drives me crazy. It drives me to tears. Some days, I'm not in the mood for pasta for dinner, because I'm too tired of thinking about complicated bolusing.
  • You can live a good life with diabetes. But nobody guarantees you the healthy future everyone else takes for granted. Of course, luck/genes/fate is probably playing a huge role in this as well, people can suffer from very different conditions at the same age independent of live style, diabetes, etc. But still. As a PWD, I never know when the first long term complications may hit me. And this has me in fear.
  • Diabetes makes me very self-aware of my body. Just a few examples here: I never got wasted to a blackout. And that is not only because of a fear of losing control, it's mostly because I'm just not able to drink enough alcohol while repressing the feeling of losing control. I'm also very self-aware when it comes to stress, which is probably good, because it keeps me from having a hypothetic burn-out. It also keeps me from pushing my boundaries, though.
 So these are my thoughts. Sorry, no meaningful conclusion today. ;-)

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