15. September 2011


If I had a CGM (which I don't) yesterday would have been a no-hitter, I am sure. My bloodsugar read 90, 121, 96 and 74. Ok, I now it's only four readings (I usually take more readings per day, I swear!) so there was a lot of time when I don't really now what was going on. But it was a slow day where nothing out of the ordinary happend and my basals seemed to be quite ok the last time I checked.

The biggest hassle for me are meals out. I'm a big SWAG boluser. And as those things usually go - I end up not in range. Sometimes not anywhere near range. But I have really gotten better during the last year. Yesterday I also had a meal out, and it seems I guestimated it correctly for once. Woohoo!

So for me yesterday was a success. I painted a WOW! into my log, as a little reward. Yes, I log. Yes, it's a pain in the butt, but for some weird reason it helps me to gain better controll. Fact is, without my log I never would have realized that yesterday was a good diabetes day. And I think it's important to see little successes like this once in a while, because they show that all the work we put into our diabetes management is not in vain but indeed does make a difference.

On a completely unrelated subject, I realized that the term diabetic, which I used, is officially political uncorrect. I understand why, but personally was never offended by the term. I'm a physicist but that doesn't mean I am defined solely by that. The same goes for being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, collegue, for being an agnostic, for being gothic or for being diabetic. But I also do see that recreational dancing doesn't make my a dancer. So I'll try to remember to use "person with diabetes" (PWD) instead.

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