3. September 2011

And so I'm starting a Blog.

I don't even know how to start. Explaining why I want to blog? Telling you who I am? Finding a great design for this new way of expressing myself? Ahhh... it's a little overwhelming.

Ok, so why do I want to blog? Do I even have something to say? Probably not. Not a lot. But. I started to read blogs about two years ago. I was looking for somebody like me - a twenty something with Type I  - because I felt alone, very alone at that time, and I found somebody. Everything started out with Kerri. I devoured her posts and everything in her blog's archive. Over time, I found a lot of people, actually - I discovered the DOC, the Diabetes Online Community. It's huge, megabyte and impact wise. And all it's members are constantly blaring about how great it is to be a member of this supporting group of people, who "get it". And I'm so fed up with just being a lurker. I can't say everything I want to in comments on other peoples blog posts. I have gotten support from the DOC and I want to give support. I want to give back! I want to be a part of it! I want to have my Pricked Finger in the Pie!

So here you have it: the name of my blog. I think it sounds a little too much like a blog about baking though (and in this context a little disgusting). As a physicist, π was the obvious choice to go for, but this blog isn't about mathmatics or physics either. Or only once in a while.

So what is it about? Probably everything that crosses my mind. Which might occasionally include baking pie. Or π. And of course diabetes. And crafting, did I mention that I love all kinds of crafting? I'm going to show you pictures. I'm also a part time gothic. And a nerd.

I'm not sure I want too many people to read this blog. It could be embarassing. I might only post one post ever. Or stop writing after two weeks. Not saying you shouldn't read or comment, of course... just please don't have high expectations. Oh, what the hell, Vera, shut up already. We'll see how it goes. Also, thank you people who inspire me to start at all.

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  1. Yay, welcome to the diabetes blogger world!!!! I'm sure you have more to contribute than you think . . . and I'm looking forward to reading it all!! Welcome!