12. September 2011


On Thursday I had an appointment with my eye doctor. Unlike many other diabetics (it seems) I've never been afraid of the results of my eye exam because they have always turned out "without pathological findings". Only this time they did. In my right eye the doctor found few small bleedings and the information sheet for my two-in-one doctor & diabetologist (who's a type 1 himself and a really great guy who "get's it") says micro aneurysms and mild/modest retinopathy for the right eye.

After getting over the first shock, I'm still not quite sure what to think. I never really looked into diabetic long term effects and I have not googled anything yet. I'm easy to freak out - or rather panicked - and I don't want to get hysterical ahead of time. But of course I'm worried. I'm 26, for heavens sake! When I start now with bleedings in my eye, how will things be in 50 years??
My A1c hasn't changed a lot during the last year. It's always around 7.5-7.8, so it's not good but also not terrible and it's stable. If anything I have less unsteady blood sugars. My ophthalmologist said that poor control during puberty (or in my case college) can take it's toll even years later. Not saying I didn't know that... it just wasn't very present in my mind. Also when I started to regain control and took responsibility for my health again, I kinda thought "everything is going to be ok now, 'cause I'm taking care of myself". You wish.

My follow-up is in January. I just hope hope hope that things will not get worse. (Or even get better. Can they get better? I didn't dare to check.)

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