29. Juli 2012

My Ice Cream Diabetes

My CDE recently told me, that brittle diabetes is not only a generally used description of hard to control T1D (as is mine but I think that's just because I'm really sensitive to... a lot of things), but actually an official term in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases by the WHO.

My first association with the word brittle though, is this:

Bolus worthy.
Bolus worthy.

Sometimes diabetes makes me chuckle.

And then my roommate said yesterday, when I finished a basal rating test with a flat line of numbers: "Seems even your macadamia caramel diabetes is nice sometimes". He had me bursting into laughter. :D

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  1. To me the problem is that people with type 1 diabetes are not one homogenous group. Many long term diabetics without complications have residual beta cells. These beta cells are capable of producing one unit of insulin or even more. This can make a huge difference in the sensitivity to carbs, to the sensitivity to miscalculations of dosages and even the risk of hypos can be reduced. The beta cells can react quickly to lows by reducing their production rate. Thus people in this group see benefits in both directions (high and low). I would not be suprised if the people in the brittle category are just those without any residual beta cells. This makes me wonder if doctors should invest more time to identify the specific subgroup of their patient. Maybe it is possible to give more specific advice with this information at hand.