15. November 2011

World Diabetes Day (with brackets)

"Can I use your computer when you're done?"
"It's late. Do you need to do it today?"
"Well, the 14th is only today and I wanted to blog."
"Oh! Sorry, you told me and I forgot. Do you, like, say anything [for World Diabetes Day]?"

My boyfriend is a cutie. (I told him to say "I want a cure".)

My version of the Big Blue Test:
I planned to test and then to climb a moutain by bike. (Ok, it's more a hill but still, it's always a fight. By now I have enough training to beat it on a regular basis though. (That means I am no longer forced to get off and push the bike.)) And then test again. Unfortunately, when I tested before mounting the bike I caught a 45. That's right. Good I checked, not good to climb a mountain. I treated my low and then started to freewheel (as far as terrain allowed). When it was (about) 14 minutes later I tested again: 70. Stopping to test (and to tranquilize my phone) I realized that my nose was running and I didn't have any tissues and that I had just cracked a fingernail.

I don't now if you are familiar with the moment during or shortly after a low, where you get emotional (or irrational) for no apparent reason and small annoying things can make you burst into tears of frustration?

This didn't happen to me today. But it could have. (And in this case, the roommates of my boyfriend would have gotten a huge package of diabetes awareness, in terms of swearing.) Thinking of that while staring at my cracked fingernail, I also remembered how unfair I still think it is, that I cannot ride up a friggin hill, without thinking about all kinds of stuff - blood sugar, insulin on board, last meal, time (very important in my case - while sports in the morning hours does absolutely nothing to my glucose levels, sports in the evening with active insulin can leed to major lows within a few minutes).

I started to climb the mountain. Slowly. Very slow. So slow actually, that my bike dared to topple over. I now, it sounds like a mistake, but I had taken precautions according to the factors named above (that is, taking only a half bolus for the last meal, but of course I could not anticipate the low...). Another (about) 14 minutes later I had beaten the hill, but of course also had ended up with another low (50).

My version of wearing Blue
Ok, I explicitly wore blue today. (That is, I didn't do it by chance but on purpose. Somehow, I didn't manage to do it on Fridays yet.). I don't think anyone noticed. Two years ago, when I still was a lot more goth, people probably would have. I also wore my pump openly, instead of tucked into my jeans pocket as I usually do. (Just to be clear: I am very open with my diabetes and try to educate whenever possible.)

My version of the WDD Postcard exchange
Unfortunately, I did not yet receive a postcard. But seeing that it probably has to travel quite a distance around this beautiful globe, I think that's understandable. Meanwhile, I can show you what I dropped (a few weeks ago) to the letterbox. I hope it survived the trip to the US unharmed!

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