6. November 2011

Real People Sick and other Bits 'n' Pieces

  • I'm real people sick. I hate it. I don't feel human, because my head feels like a doll's head - all stuffed with cotton batting. It makes me and my blood glucose kind of cranky.
  • I took this pic some days ago. It's from the category "you know you're a PWD when..."
    Spots, gushers, smearings - you
    know you're a diabetic when blood is everywhere.
  • I participate in the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange organized by Lee Ann and I dropped my postcard the week before last. I hope it arrives on time and I'm so excitedly waiting for the reply!
  • I might be participating in a clinic study, which will be testing a Lantus-like insulin. The preliminary physical examination has yet to take place, but up to now everything sounds good and very interesting. I'll keep you updated!

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